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We want to take a moment to thank Hollie for her amazing support and guidance throughout our pregnancy and labor. Her pre-natal sessions were informative and tailored to our needs. She did a fantastic jobs of listening to our needs, fears, and concerns and made us feel very prepared and comfortable for the birth of our third son. During labor she arrived quickly and was able to be a calm and reassuring presence in the room. She was able to gently guide both mama and dad through a long labor and through choices that were not part of our original plan. She was our calm and our steady. We were so blessed to be able to successfully deliver via VBAC after two c-sections, and we credit much of this to Hollie and her ability to keep labor progressing. Honestly, we don't know what we would have done without her. Thank you, Hollie!!"

Jen S.

Upper Arlington

Hollie was fantastic in the weeks leading up to my delivery. She had great advice and really listened to my concerns and desires for my birth experience.  At the birth she was FANTASTIC!  My husband (who was skeptical of having a doula) even raved about how nice it was to have Hollie there, how she advocated for my care and really helped to make my birth experience comfortable while also helping the medical staff meet my wants and needs.  Her follow-up care was just the cherry on top of the whole experience.  Even if she wasn't able to help with some nursing problems, she was able to point me in the right direction for additional support. I highly recommend Hollie to anyone looking for a Doula who will be prepared to address your unique medical concerns (since she did do lots of research on mine) or just really wants someone in the delivery room to provide a positive experience."

Kat H.


This was my second baby and first experience with a doula - I wish I had known Hollie when I had my daughter!  I had a wonderful experience from start to finish.  Hollie was very supportive answering questions and giving advice leading up to the birth and answered my text at 1 AM when I thought I might be in labor!  She arrived at the hospital at the same time as me (at 3 AM!) and was invaluable support throughout labor.  She used counterpressure, massage and had many ideas and suggestions to ease the pain.  I felt so supported - it is difficult to have an unmedicated birth without lots of labor support from somoene like Hollie!  I cannot thank her enough!"

Bridget R.

Upper Arlington

We had Hollie with Nurture New Life as our birth doula with the birth of our first child. I don’t have enough great things to say about Hollie as our birth doula. She gave us lots of very helpful information in our pre-natal sessions but never pressured us to do things one way or another. She was helpful and supportive in all of our birthing plans. When “go time” came (in the middle of the night, on a holiday, no less) she arrived at the hospital as a calm, peaceful force that responded to my needs, as well as hubby’s, and quickly honed in what was working and what would be the best tools to get us through labor. Even when labor got “dicey” at a certain point, she was still solid as a rock for husband, baby, and I. Of all the words my husband and I could use to describe Hollie, we would say calm, peaceful, friendly, sweet, knowledgeable, and she certainly loves her job! We often reflect back and say we are so happy that we had Hollie next to us through this process. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any expecting moms/couples."

Ester B.


Hollie is an amazing doula! She went above and beyond just to make it to our birth. Our bundle of joy decided to arrive when freezing rain was wreaking havoc outside. Nurses weren't able to make it in to work, there were accidents everywhere, and roads were being closed. But this did not stop Hollie! She was unable to drive out of her subdivision due to the ice, so she walked (with all of her doula gear and camera equipment!) to where her amazing father-in-law was able to pick her up and get her to the hospital safely! Talk about dedicated!

My water broke in the middle of the night and Hollie was in constant contact with me, guiding me as to what to do until I was able to get a hold of the on-call doctor. When Hollie arrived she immediately got to work helping me through my contractions, giving me suggestions to manage the pain, and encouraging me when I felt like giving up. She was great! While having my husband there to help me was great, it was empowering having someone there who had been through it herself, knew what I was feeling, and encouraged me the whole way. Because of Hollie I was able to have the natural birth I had strived for!

Hollie continued providing support after labor. She provided help and guidance with the first breastfeeding, stayed with us until we were settled into our post-partum room, and called to see how we were doing the next day. She was also able to accommodate a home visit on very short notice. We greatly appreciated this since all of our family is out of state and we needed a boost in our confidence as first time parents.

After experiencing difficulties breastfeeding and almost giving up, Hollie recommended a lactation consultant that was able to resolve our issues.Not only is Hollie a great doula, she is also a GREAT photographer! She took beautiful photos of our birth, making it possible for us to focus on our little one.We highly recommend Hollie and would definitely work with her in the future!"

Sarah S.


My husband and I had a great experience with Hollie as our doula. She helped us have a better understanding of the birth process and options available with several prenatal appointments, as well as helped with nursing difficulties after the delivery. She was very supportive during the actual labor and delivery, helping my husband and I with pain management techniques and understanding what was going on at every step of the process. I appreciated that she explained the "tools" I had in my "toolbox," and she supported me in whatever tools I chose to utilize during labor and delivery. We were very happy that we choose to have a support person present to help both of us through the experience! Hollie has also been really supportive after the labor and delivery, which has been very helpful for a first time mom!"

Beth B.

Lewis Center

Hollie is a lifesaver.  L-I-F-E-S-A-V-E-R.  Not only was she available to me ASAP in my time of desperation, she spent nearly two hours with me during our initial consultation. I was having a horrible time getting my newborn to latch properly.  Every breast feeding session was pure torture—emotionally and physically. Fortunately, Hollie happened to witness the meltdown.  She immediately pinpointed the issue and quickly came up with several ways to resolve what was happening. Hollie also came prepared with educational materials that were very useful and not overwhelming. Within a couple of days, my breastfeeding sessions were much more successful and enjoyable… all thanks to Hollie! Also, what makes Hollie a great lactation consultant is that she follows up … meaning, she cares.  She circled back with us less than a week after our initial consultation to see how things were going. And she was accessible via text too—which was great for quick questions. If you are feeling like giving up on breastfeeding because it’s too hard – call Hollie first!”

Angela A.


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