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Birth DOula Services

Let me help you to have a more satisfying birth experience, and use my knowledge and experience to provide emotional support, physical comfort, informational support for you to have the tools needed to make informed decisions during labor. I provide reassurance coupled with perspective for you and your partner.  Throughout labor we utilize comfort measures while I make suggestions for progress.  Comfort measures can include relaxation techniques, massage, positioning and other tools.


My services include the following:

  • free initial consultation

  • 2 prenatal visits to discuss your wishes and goals

  • Continuous e-mail/text/phone support

  • Birth preference list planning and information


  • Tips and guidance in learning the tools to utilize while preparing for labor, birth, and postpartum


  • 24/7 on-call support from 2 weeks before your estimated due date until the birth of your baby


  • Continuous labor support up to 2 hours after baby is born


  • Breastfeeding support ​


  • One postpartum visit to your home to help with breastfeeding and recovery


  • Log of events of your labor and birth as time allows


I believe in women having a choice of where they birth, whether that is in a home setting, birth center, or hospital. A hospital environment is one in which I am very comfortable, and I easily build cooperative and positive relationships with nursing staff. I am able to bring my knowledge and "tools of the trade" into a hospital in a way that supports laboring families in creating a safe and optimal birth experiences.


Birth Doula Fee: $1,050
Returning Client: $900


"The efficacy of continuous labor support by a trained doula is well-studied and very clear: When a woman's emotions are cared for during childbirth, her chances of good obstetrical outcomes for both her and her baby improve." - Kim James

Lactation Services


Considering a breastfeeding class while pregnant? A class is a great way to help you reach your personal breastfeeding goals and start things off on the right path in the hospital. I provide private in home and group setting evidence-based lactation education.


Nourishing Baby : A Breastfeeding Class

-Learn proper breast massage and how it can benefit your milk supply

-What to do in the hospital to make a successful start

-Learn how to promote and facilitate your baby's innate ability to breastfeed

-Alternative feeding methods should your baby be delayed from going to breast

-Learn how some hospital procedures affect breastfeeding, and what to do


Group Class : $40

Private Class : $65



Private Breastfeeding Consultations


Breastfeeding is both a learning process for you and your baby. Sometimes it comes easily, other times it presents challenges. During times of difficulty, I am here to support and assist you to make this process easier and more enjoyable. Let me come to you in the comfort of your own home to help in times when you need extra support, or you can choose come to my office. Together we will talk about your concerns, discuss all of your options, create a plan of action, and connect you to resources in our community.

Office Visit: $40
Home Visit: $65




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