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Back Up Doulas

Having skilled and reliable backup as a doula is always important.  I am excited to work with Stephanie to ensure each client gets the support they need.  We each support and back each other in the rare event one of us has clients in labor at the same time, severe illness/emergency, or a previously agreed upon commitment when hired.

Stephanie McCarrell, CD(DONA), CLC

Stephanie has always been interested in the amazing process that is pregnancy and childbirth. When she became a mother, Stephanie realized what a significant and transformative journey childbirth is for a woman and how essential a supportive and caring team is for a positive experience. After having her second baby Stephanie knew that she wanted to be positive support for other birthing women and went on to become a DONA International Certified Birth Doula. She loves to use her knowledge and expertise to help others on their birthing journey. Stephanie accepts 1-2 birth doula clients per month.

Stephanie is a native Central Ohioan currently residing with her family in Gahanna. She is a mother to two young children, Jack and Molly. Stephanie is an avid reader and also enjoys cooking and crafting.


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